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Miner Ventures Prefers miner ventures above manual gathering on crafting lists. Botany Ventures Prefers botany ventures above manual gathering on crafting lists. Another type of aswang is the tik tik which resembles a dragon or ant eater or in other islands an owl. Like in Malaysia it is believed to be the spirit of a child or woman who died in childbirth.

Children of the Night: Vampires in other countries 3: Asia

It also possesses a long tongue with a sharp point and drinks blood through it. The Manananggal is another type of aswang who can detach its upper torso, sprout wings and sucks the blood from pregnant women or newborns. They can either have fangs or a long tongue. This creature is very similar to the Penanggal in Malaysia, as destroying it is the same, burning or burying the lower body.

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The Mandurugo is known as 'the girl with many lovers', a typical tale of a vampiric femme fatale. The story goes that a beautiful young woman married but the husband weakened, fell ill and died. She then remarried and the next husband died as well in the same manner. The fourth husband was a bit smarter and more suspicious, as he lay to sleep next to his bride he held a concealed knife in his hand. After midnight he felt someone was on him and felt a prick on his neck.

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Unable to see the creature because it was dark, he slashed at it with the knife and he heard a scream followed by a flapping of wings and it was gone. The next day the body of his bride was found on the road near the house with a knife wound to her chest.

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The Bebarlang is a sort of psychic vampire that is connected to a certain tribe, it is able to undergo astral projection and that astral body sucks the life force of humans. The Danag is an ancient vampire that is connected to the legend of the taro plant. It is believed that this creature helped the people of the Philippines plant and farm the plant. It was peaceful at first, working alongside humans but one day a woman cut her finger and the danag sucked at the finger, draining the poor woman dry and since developed an insatiable thirst for blood.

Garlic and salt was often used as a deterrent and could burn the creature. Ashes were also effective. The vampires were said to fear daggers, light, vinegar, spices and the tail of a stingray, which can be fashioned into a whip to catch the creature especially if it's flying and kill it. The Aswang was and always will be the popular 'boogeyman' of the Philippines as it was often talked about in stories to frighten or keep children in line. A large percentage of Filipinos grew up with at least some belief in its existence. In India it was believed that children born during festivals or holy days would, if they died shortly after, come back as hostile undead creatures.

Mothers who gave birth during those days were often shunned or cursed. It was common in the East, in male dominated societies where women were had no respect that they would be mistreated, and regarded as witches or prone to become demons and seek vengeance on men.

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In this country, there are countless tales of angry female spirits who harmed the living. They were called the rakshasa, this term is used as a category as there are many different subgroups. Hindu mythology is richly filled with stories of gods and heroes battling demons. Those monsters they battled were regarded as the rakshasa.

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The goddess Kali who had blue skin, multiple arms, a necklace of severed heads and a frightful appearance, battled the powerful demon Raktahvija. When she had killed him she had to hoist him up over her head and drink every single drop of his blood because if a drop fell on the ground it would multiply into nine replicas of the demon.

The goddess is often depicted with a longue dangling tongue and fangs which signify her insatiable thirst for blood. This was the spirit of a woman who had died in childbirth during the Diwali festival.

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They are often described as beautiful either wearing a cloak or long hair or carrying a lantern. They would lure unsuspecting men who couldn't resist walking up to them. It was believed that her eyes glowed red and could hypnotize her victims. Once a victim is close enough her features change to that of a monster, it could be fangs, claws, a pig like face and lips.

It was also said that her feet were flipped degrees which allowed her to walk backwards. She would suck the man dry until all that remains is a husk. She was believed to be an angry spirit because she was not buried properly or certain rites after her death were not performed. It was also believed that the woman returned from the dead because she was badly treated by her family and loved ones thus seeking revenge.

Such a female spirit was believed to be an associate of the bloodthirsty goddess Kali. Precautions were taken after a woman died during childbirth, her feet and hands would be nailed inside the coffin or wrapped in chains. This literally meant 'eater of raw flesh', these creatures closely resembled the ghoul of the Middle East. Sometimes described as invisible, they would lurk around places of worship to disrupt services, they would shriek so loud that people fell in paralyzed trances.

They sometimes sucked blood and also the life force of humans. They were sometimes described as frightening and skeletal. These were vengeful spirits, a cross between a demon and a ghost. They would eat the flesh and suck the blood of humans. They were believed to be the spirits of women who were mistreated when they were alive or a great wrong was committed to them. This was also the restless spirit of someone who had not been buried properly.

These were the souls of the dead, those who died violently or untimely, or those who were ill or deformed. They would appear as shadows, flickering lights and misty apparitions. They could possess bodies and attack the living. It was believed that bhutas could turn into bats or owls. Owls are very significant in Indian mythology, in dark magic, the flesh of owls is crushed into a powder.

Other stories tell of bhutas whose feet cannot touch the ground as the earth is sacred so they float. Besides drinking blood they also liked milk and attacked nursing mothers. The vetala was a vampiric demon who inhabited the bodies of dead people. Fire was a very effective deterrent and form of destruction, that's why cremation of dead bodies is better. Exorcisms could be performed. Turmeric was used as protection around houses. In the show Supernatura l, a Rakshasa appears as a man who dresses as a clown in order to be invited into houses by unsuspecting children, Once inside they suck the blood of the parents and kill them.

In another episode the vetala is depicted differently as a couple of sexy women who paralyze their victims with a venom and slowly drain them, keeping them alive in order to feed regularly until they die. Belief in spirits and demons was and still is very common today in China. Supernatural beings were often talked about in myths and legends.

Today superstition and belief in ghost is common in certain circles. Funerary rites are very much respected because of the fear that the dead may return.