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Some people us social media as their way to abstractly comment on their lives and the world. This is an actual post by someone on Facebook:. Being dark and deep is fine, but broadcasting it stream of conscious style to your fans or followers? What are your friends supposed to say to that? Are you even expecting a response?

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What about a retweet? Social media has taken down barriers for sure, but think long and hard about how much you want to voluntarily share with people! There are users of social media at different stages of development. Social awkwardness could be likened to the teenager stage of life. We are all still learning! But do any of the above apply to you? Do you know someone who suffers from social awkardness? You can connect with her on Twitter Tammykfennell.

It is now available to download. CristySeabow Report. LeahBaleee Report. I've worked in restaurants many years. StaceaC1 Report. It's stressful when the relationship sphere of your life overlaps the familial sphere. KimberlySpitzer Report. SeanJohn Report. HollyLouHarris Report. LiveWire Report. My friend Stacey and I both worked for the same temporary employment agency when we were younger. One day it really was Mrs.

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Wallace calling Stacey, and Stacey kept laughing at her. Finally after Mrs. Wallace's third try, Stacey replied "Common' Yvonne, cut the crap I'm super busy today". Hahaha this -including the awkward conclusion - is very much something that would happen to me. If your friend called your home phone You, sir, sound like the life of the party with your leg skittles and your bored husband forts.

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This comment is hidden. Click here to view. Why are you on a piano if you don't want to practice piano? Jennyyyywestt Report. I'm glad I read this. Until now, I thought I was the only one who ever whistled when I farted. I did it twice as a kid and folks don't believe me. That happened to my mom when I left my phone at home, imagine how freaked out she was when I called her from work and said "step away from the phone Called in sick to school.

Lol cuz it matters to your teachers if you skip school. MyOddKids Report. Don't feel weird the only weird one in that transaction was your neighbor, who stares like that? Creepers, is the the answer. MaxDeLigne Report. I'm kindergarten I stood on top of a desked and slapped my butt.

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Got a note sent home, along with a call from the teacher. BelleofBabble Report. LaurieStenger10 Report. My dad had this recently, was sat in his car waiting for someone and an elderly woman got in passenger seat Am I the only one who imagines Harry Potter telling this to his friends while professor Snape is behind him?

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Are these the six most embarrassing moments in TV history?

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MrsVMcGee Report. Why were you hiding vitamins? You weren't allowed to take vitamins?

10 MOST Embarrassing On Stage Moments EVER

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Focusing on non-emotional details may be a better option than pretending you don't feel anything

StillNotJenna Report. All the movie theater food rules are stupid especially when they charge ten bucks for candy. TheActualRoss Report. ChuckNellis Report. Four years old? That is still time when your parents needs to explain all to you. However, when Nick had to return to the studio on a pair of crutches and his foot in a cast, the Catchphrase team chose to air the fall to explain exactly how he'd injured himself It's raining, you're exhausted, and it's been a tough week. So you need something to soothe your troubles away. Enter First Dates, the ultimate comfort-watch. That is except for this encounter Here's music and internet expert Guy Kewney detailing whether rules and regulations regarding downloading will impact on the future of online music.

Watch his expression at around the 22 second mark when he realises that, not only is he the victim of mistaken identity, but he's also live on TV. Could the relationship between South and North Korea improve? Unfortunately, we were all a little too distracted by his family to discover exactly what this expert thought.

What an amazing walk-dance, though, by his child. If only we all had that confidence. The most unenthusiastic news report ever. The cast mates who stayed mates - and a few who really didn't. Quiz: The classic kids adventure movies behind Stranger Things. Stacey Dooley investigates: 'After my third husband died, they strapped a suicide bomb to me'. The 'cat-and-mouse' couples we fell in love with before Killing Eve.

Drugs, festivals and crime: Inside the world of dealers and corrupt security.

Manuel Pellegrini has an impressive record against Manchester United. News TV.