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It may be the most valuable one night training you ever take.

Firewalk : Embracing Different Abilities -

It will be a night you will never forget! I'm excited about offering this opportunity. I make some extraordinary statements and claims because I've seen the fantastic changes that individuals in the workshop create in themselves time and time again. They report a renewed sense of joy and passion for life and a certainty that they have the power to be the masters of their destiny. One man said it was the most porfound experience of his life, including the birth of his daughter.

Even people who challenged themselves financially or intellectually by taking a "self improvement" seminar have told me later their experience was priceless. Frequently, those who experienced the most fear or resistance had the most profound changes. Firewalking is a first step - a step through fear, through limitations, and into a new level of consciousness. Much of the world operates out of fear, survival, and the perception of scarcity.

This becomes the dominate energy in our politics, economy, environment, news reports, relationships, and in our consciousness, which ultimately translates into our reality. This self fulfilling prophecy leads to much pain in the world. We can change the consciousness of the world by changing the consciousness of the individual. By creating peace and happiness in ourselves we can create it in the world around us.

Firewalk: Embracing Different Abilities

New ideas or innovations are generally ignored or ridiculed at first, then viciously attacked, then universally accepted. This quantum leap from attack to acceptance usually occurs after only a small percentage of people have adopted the concept. It only takes a change in the consciousness of a few to change the collective consciousness. I invite you to be part of the change. I have been researching and teaching human potential and state of the art techniques in creating an impowering reality for 15 years.

My love, passion and primary mission, is to help people learn to create their dreams. I am currently writing a book on firewalking, healing, miracles, and life without limits. I am also developing a week long intensive seminar with the same emphasis. For now, in this fast food, fast paced world, I want to impart to people quickly, the unique, intensive experience that we create our own reality with our thoughts, our visualizations, our energy, and our consciousness.

I do this by helping you step into another reality than the one in which you are currently comfortable. We create an energetic atmosphere with techniques borrowed from NativeAmerican traditions such as drumming and singing around the fire to help you move from the left brain's linear, analytical, approach into the right brain's intuitive, creative, unlimited potential.

It is in this realm that huge jumps in your ability to learn and integrate new information happen instantaneously. Get support and empowerment to work through the barriers of your disability to take healthy risks to live the life you want.


You'll learn to:. Firewalk Reviews.

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Firewalk explains how to maintain healthy family relationships while trying to empower a disabled family member. Kathy suggests coping strategies which strive to release the fear, sorrow, happiness, anger, and stress that an individual may feel towards their disability. Kathy emphasizes the importance of the parents having a vision for your disabled child. Language: English.

Author Kathy O Connell draws from her own experiences of living with cerebral palsy and working with others as a counselor in this powerful-and empowering-book about living life to the fullest with a disability.

The author s epiphany during an actual firewalk served as a catalyst for developing this powerful and unique approach she now teaches to clients, audiences, and workshop participants. Firewalk: Embracing Different Abilities shows how to: View your difference as a valuable gift, teacher, and opportunity for growth Move beyond hardship and why me victimization Face fear, anger, and frustration head-on so you can access your authentic self Stop letting others attitudes and perceptions define, limit, and hurt you Get in touch with your sexuality and power to attract Find your purpose and go after it with new abilities, strength, and focus Firewalk: Embracing Different Abilities offers invaluable tools for parents and teachers of children with disabilities, as well as new ideas for therapists and other healthcare workers who work with clients andpatients who have different abilities.

Instead of struggling against what is difficult, or trying to manage or fix our difference, we can embrace the very thing we resist-and allow it to strengthen us.

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Book Description Balboa Press. Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Kathy O'Connell. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Firewalk: Embracing Different Abilities presents a new perspective and action plan for anyone who lives with adversity.

About the Author : Kathy O'Connell is a certified rehabilitation counselor and licensed mental health counselor, specializing in personal growth and transformation for people with disabilities. Buy New View Book.