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For centuries, people had believed that Earth was the centre of the universe, but in , Copernicus published On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres , which ….

Upon a Westward Star by Billy Hoggmascall

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It began with Venus

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    Mississippi River captures the haunting image of a navigation station under a full moon at the mouth of the Mississippi River. The Louisiana Purchase: Legal Documents This compilation of treaties and laws from Yale Law School offers the original texts of the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, President Jefferson's appeals to Congress, and the statutes that regulated the new territory.

    The Curtis Collection: Tribal Summaries This commercial site has a rich collection of tribal summaries with over 2, images. Many of these tribes were displaced or destroyed as a result of the new American Republic's westward expansion.

    What Is a 'Morning Star,' and What Is an 'Evening Star'?

    The Treaty of the Louisiana Purchase A brief summary of the history and politics of one of the most strategically important events in U. Click on the map to see the boundaries of the Louisiana Territory, an acquisition that doubled the size of the country. Of importance here is an excellent series on the Cabildo, the most venerated building in Louisiana, and the site of the Louisiana Purchase Transfer.

    Modern insights make Cabildo's history come alive with fascinating facts. No frills here, just an amazing life story.

    Manifest Destiny

    During his lifetime, Wilkinson was both a general in the American Revolution and a subject of the Spanish Empire. The area that was once the Louisiana Purchase Territory now contains 13 states. Can you name them all? Learn More