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If your a fan of either, I think your really gonna enjoy this story. The nonstop action, suspense mixed with the Greek Mythology are sure to win over readers of all ages, young and old. I loved the mini-romance that took place between Grace and Chris. I especially like spunky main characters. Cannot wait for the next installment!! It was a quick, but exciting read that kept me interested from start to finish. The character descriptions, as well as the descriptions in general, painted a vivid picture in my mind and allowed me a glimpse into the authors imagination.

This is certainly a novel I would and could recommend to friends and family of all ages.

I recommend ordering this book or purchasing it from a store near you soon! It is refreshing to find an author who can write not only to obtain the attention of a younger audience, but as a full-fledged grown adult I found the writing more than just entertaining. The story of Grace Archer is a fascinating view of the Pandora myth.

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To top it off all of this knowledge comes at the hand of a crazy demi-goddess who wants you dead to gain control of the box. Grace also discovers she has her own latent powers that have surged into wakefulness because of the stress of the situation. This is a well-developed story with carefully crafted characters that make you cheer, laugh, cry, and want to see standing at the end of the battle.

Ficklin melded together the different mythologies in a believable and intriguing world. Foresight is refreshing and well worth the read. Ficklin made mythology seem so interesting and you know what? It really is! Sherry handles the coming-of-age story of Grace Archer with humor, intelligence and a beautifully imagined mythology. Feisty Grace battles evil, goes toe-to-toe with arrogant ancient gods, and struggles to come to terms with her growing magical powers, all the while falling in love with a most delicious faerie imagined.

Ficklin writes with pure soul and her readers can tell that she, herself, stepped into the land of Fae and conversed with the fairies, gods and goddesses!

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More, more, more Mrs. My bookshelf is screaming Grace Archer. I personally guarantee you will enjoy it! This site participates in a rewards program with Smashwords.

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