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Isn't it time to make a real difference in your golf game? Rarely does one lesson make a difference so let The Vegas Golf Coach create a custom plan for your golf game. No other club company trains only teachers as certified fitters giving you a club that truly improves your game.

Let Certified Master Teacher Fitter Gayord Rhodes help you get golf clubs that truly fit your best balanced swing motion. Our two state-of-the-art aboutGolf Simulators give you the best indoor golf experience in Las Vegas. Play at over 50 courses on the official simulators of the PGA. Current Special Deals Check out our current special deals to improve your game! Initial Golf Evaluation Lesson Online special for one golfer. Why the Vegas Golf Coach should be your choice for game-improvement.

Captain Boys America Cup Nevada Henry-Griffitts Regional Training Professional to Davis, CA As your Coach, it becomes my job to provide you with a non-judgmental environment so we can develop a clear model how the club was designed to be used, the fundamentals of impact and what YOUR swing should look and feel like based on your own ability to create your best balance swinging motion. We start with an initial coaching sessions which allows us to evaluate your swing, your athletic ability, your time, practice commitment and financial situation and get you started with the one or two things to focus on in the beginning.

If we decide to continue to work together after this session then we can develop a personalized plan to help you reach your goals. If you are serious about getting better I can definitely help you discover the one or two things that you need to put your focus on now with your swing that will help you begin to improve YOUR best balanced motion while you reach your goals in the game as well.

The golf swing is not GOLF. Ultimately, the goal with your swing is to help you understand your compensations as you continue to develop your swing motion and develop a clear picture and understanding of why you hit it left, right and straight so you will be able to become your own swing coach. This will free you up to become more target aware and less mechanical and you will finally be free to play better golf, improve your scores and most importantly have more fun. You try to get out on the course regularly.

But, fortunately or not, like everything else relating to golf, the differences are largely in your mental approach to the game and the strategies you use on each hole. The following tips should help you make the adjustment to match play tournaments and improve your chances of actually winning them.

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If you liked this post, check out our recent article on how to swing a golf club: the stance. If the overall mission in golf is to get the ball into the hole using a club, then the only thing between you and that club are your hands on the grip. So learning more about how to hold a golf club is crucial, even for seasoned golfers.

There are a number of ways to grip the club, including the baseball grip and interlocking grip. You can try this at home, but its best to be in a space where you can swing the club to get a better feel for the grip. Want to find a local Whitby golf club to try out your new grip? Get in touch with us here Royal Ashburn Golf Club. And if you liked this post, make sure to check out our last article on 5 steps to great bunker raking.

That can make it a challenge for beginners and experts alike. But the more you learn about the game, the better you will be able to meet that challenge, regardless of your level of play. The most basic skill of all? How to swing a golf club! The basic challenge in golf is learning how to swing to hit the ball consistently well.

Without a good swing, no other part of the game, from club selection to the equipment you choose, will really matter. Every golfer develops their own stances as their experience and knowledge expand. The following cover some of the basic starting points for developing a stance that works for you. To learn more about how to swing a golf club from a professional instructor at a premier Whitby golf club , get in touch with us here at Royal Ashburn Golf Club.

If you liked this post, check out our last blog post on improving your confidence on the golf course.

Pop into your mind and right back out. Of course, developing a great swing is one of the main benefits of golf lessons. But it is just one of many that golfers of all abilities can enjoy. Needless to say, lessons are especially helpful for beginners. But every golfer can learn something by taking lessons from a golf pro. To think that golf lessons are just about a better swing is really cheating yourself out of learning so much more about the game.

And getting the added enjoyment that comes from it. From the different approaches to the long and short games, to learning how to get back on track after a bad swing, hole or round, all will help lower your scores. Yes, you can visit the driving range and practice green to work on your swing on your own.

Golf For Beginners - Find Golf Schools and Friends to Learn Golf -

But when you take lessons from a professional instructor , you engage in a conversation about golf. And one that can reveal parts of your game you might never think about on your own. But imagine what happens if, after just one lesson, you learn something new. Something that injects a new level of enthusiasm for your game. And imagine if that happened after every lesson.

Just the boost to your activity in and enthusiasm for the sport and how you play it can improve your game immensely.

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Contact us today to find out more about how golf lessons can improve your game. Everyone on every golf course was a first-time golfer at some point. But whatever the reason, you owe it to yourself to learn the game properly and start to enjoy all the fun, healthy activity and companionship that golf has to offer. To help you get into the swing of things forgive us for that one! From the moment you start to golf, your game will constantly improve as long as you play regularly.

Golf clubs can be a big investment.

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  5. But their benefits will not help a first-time golfer learn to play any faster or better. And you have no way of knowing which are the best clubs for you until you learn more about the game and your style of play. Instead, borrow a set of clubs or buy a used set to learn with. Then wait until you know more about the game and how you play it before investing in a new set of clubs. Hitting a golf ball properly means developing a good swing, and a good golf swing comes from developing good mechanics. If you start on your own, you can adopt bad mechanics that will be difficult to correct later on.


    Making the investment in lessons from professional instructors as soon as you begin to play the game will pay off in boosting your confidence, avoiding mistakes and learning the game faster and better. And the more fun you will have. They make it all look easy. But after you start to play, you will appreciate their level of skill and get a better idea of the direction you need to go with your own game.

    Like anything you do, practice makes perfect. Especially if you invest in golf lessons, practicing helps you put into play everything you learn. Golf is a game in which you compete against yourself. Everyone learns to play at a different pace.

    Finding the Perfect Golf Equipment

    Regardless of what happened the last time you played, focus on having a better round next time. If you would like to take private or semi-private lessons from the trained and certified golf instructors here at Royal Ashburn, get in touch with us today. Have you ever wondered why the top professionals in golf.